Business Setup

Our comprehensive business setup services streamline your entry into the Macedonian market. From legal entity formation to vendor recommendations and recruitment assistance, we offer an all-encompassing solution.

Leveraging our deep local knowledge and expertise, we ensure your transition into Macedonia is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your specific business needs.
Legal Entity Formation
Guidance through the process of creating a business entity in Macedonia, ensuring that all paperwork is filled out correctly and all legal requirements are met.
Vendor Liaison
This would involve researching, evaluating, and recommending the best local vendors for various needs - whether that be manufacturing, logistics, technology services, or any other requirement the client might have.
Recruitment Assistance
This is crucial, as hiring the right people can make or break an operation. Offering assistance in this area could include:
• Posting job advertisements
• Screening applicants
• Conducting or assisting with interviews
• Ensuring potential employees align with the company's culture and needs.
Consultation on Local Norms & Regulations
Given the diversity of regulatory environments around the world, an understanding of local Macedonian norms and regulations will be invaluable to foreign businesses. This could include information on tax regulations, employment laws, and any industry-specific regulations.
Operational Logistics
Assisting with finding the right locations for offices, factories, or warehouses, ensuring the smooth transportation of goods, and more.
Cultural Training
Helping foreign companies understand Macedonian culture, both in the general societal context and in the business realm. This could involve workshops or training sessions on Macedonian business etiquette, communication norms, and other cultural insights that can aid in smoother operations and better relationships with local partners and employees.
Ongoing Support
Even after the initial setup, businesses may need ongoing consulting services to navigate any new challenges that arise. Offering continued support can be a valuable aspect of the service.
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This service is
for your business if:

Global Expansion Goals

Your company is looking to expand its global footprint, aiming to tap into new markets or leverage strategic locations. Macedonia’s unique position in Southeast Europe makes it a prime destination for businesses with an eye on both European and Middle Eastern markets.

Operational Cost Optimization

If reducing operational costs without compromising on quality is on your agenda, Macedonia's competitive wage structure and lower overheads can offer substantial savings. This is especially beneficial for businesses from Western Europe or the USA where costs are typically higher.

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Diverse Talent Acquisition

Your operations require a multi-lingual, educated, and skilled workforce. Whether it's for software development, call center operations, or any other domain, Macedonia’s young and diverse talent pool is ready to meet your needs.

Business Agility

• If you're seeking flexibility in your operations, wanting to cover multiple time zones, or aiming for a near 24/7 operational window, setting up in Macedonia allows you that flexibility, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

Ease of Setup and Operation

You prefer a streamlined process for setting up and running your operations abroad. Our comprehensive service ensures that from legal entity formation to recruitment and ongoing support, every aspect is taken care of, making your transition to Macedonia as smooth as possible.

Cultural and Regulatory Navigation

Navigating a new cultural and regulatory landscape can be daunting. If you value local expertise to guide you through Macedonian business norms, etiquette, and regulations, our service is tailor-made for you.

The Benefits of
Business Setup Services

Cost Efficiency

  • Labor Costs: The average wages in Macedonia are lower than in Western European countries and the USA. This can lead to significant savings in labor-intensive operations like call centers, data entry, and customer service.
  • Operational Costs: Rent, utilities, and general operational overhead are often less expensive.

Talented Workforce

  • Macedonia boasts a young, educated, and multi-lingual workforce. Many Macedonians speak multiple European languages fluently, which is beneficial for operations like call centers serving European markets.
  • The country has a growing IT sector, with an increasing number of skilled software developers and IT professionals.

Strategic Location

  • Macedonia’s geographic location is ideal for serving both European and Middle Eastern markets. It can act as a gateway for businesses looking to expand their reach.

Tax Incentives

  • The Macedonian government has been proactive in attracting foreign investment through various tax incentives, including reduced corporate tax rates for companies in technological and industrial development zones.

Stable Business Environment

  • Over the years, Macedonia has been working on improving its business environment, simplifying regulations, and offering support for foreign investors.

Cultural Proximity to Western Europe

  • Due to its history and geographical location, Macedonia shares many cultural elements with Western Europe. This can make business integration smoother than in countries with more distinct cultural differences.

Flexibility in Business Operations

  • Setting up operations like software development or marketing in Macedonia allows companies to operate in multiple time zones. This provides extended coverage and can result in a near 24/7 operational window, especially beneficial for businesses from the USA.

Access to Emerging Markets

  • With its proximity to the Balkans and other emerging markets, Macedonia can serve as a launching pad for companies aiming to expand into these regions.

Language Proficiency

  • The Macedonian educational system places a strong emphasis on learning foreign languages, ensuring a pool of workers fluent in English, German, French, and other major European languages.

Infrastructure Development

  • Macedonia has been investing in its infrastructure, ensuring better connectivity and facilitating business operations, especially in major cities like Skopje.
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Absolutely spot-on!

Since partnering with your accounting and business consulting services, we've not only streamlined our financial processes but have also seen significant growth in our revenue streams. Your tailored strategies and insights have been invaluable to our business's success.

Client within the Software Development Industry

Best decision ever

Your team's expertise in navigating complex tax regulations and implementing efficient accounting systems has transformed our financial management. We are now more confident in our financial reporting and decision-making, thanks to your exceptional service.

Client within the Manufacturing Industry

Improved our Business

Implementing the business strategies you recommended has dramatically improved our operational efficiency and market position. Your consulting services have been a game-changer, enabling us to achieve our objectives faster than we ever thought possible.

Client within the Marketing Industry

The right strategy

The digital transformation strategy you developed for us has revolutionized our business operations, opening up new avenues for growth and innovation. Your firm's guidance has been instrumental in keeping us ahead of technological trends and competitive pressures.

Client within the Retail Sales Industry

Business growth

Thanks to your meticulous accounting and financial reporting in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, we've significantly improved our relationship with banks, resulting in better financing terms that have been instrumental in our business growth.

Client within the Transportation Industry

Empower businesses with tailored solutions.
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Empower businesses with tailored solutions.
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Expertise across diverse sectors, continents, and industries.

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